"​WE touch and own this project" - James, head of Barlonyo, Uganda co-op

​a simple, transparent, scalable, sustainable, community-building, income-generating, peace-building, agriculture and conservation initiative...really!

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace

an agriculture and conservation initiative

The Trees Start Here

thousands of seedlings

to combat erosion, drought and poaching

thousands of coffee and fruit saplings

to generate income


  We're working with 8 national parks, a conservancy and 1 protected forest

The Soil Starts Here

micro-finance initiative and hands on workshop, 

providing small livestock to compost animal manure and other organic material into healthy, FREE, sustainable fertilizer

​"A charitable dollar has only one life; a Social Business dollar can be invested over and over again."
"In my experience, poor people are the world's greatest entrepreneurs. Every day, they must innovate in order to survive. They remain poor because they do not have the opportunities to turn their creativity into sustainable income."
-Dr. Mohammad Yunnis

​Paula tells you about us...

Drs. Jane Goodall & Mohammed Yunnis and The Guardian Project share a focus on social and personal responsibility and the importance of giving in an empowering and sustainable way.

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Opportunity Starts Here

social business mentoring

developing strategies for successful entrepreneurship and community development ​

​facilitating sustainable independence

Success in protecting wildlife habitats in Africa “depends on creating programs that are controlled and embraced by the local people.

I am pleased to endorse Rita and Jeff’s project...crop yields increase, food production increases, and people are able to generate an income...I commend Rita and Jeff for their commitment to this innovative, effective program and I wish them great success." 

Facilitating our first cooperative

back in 2010

After years of handouts, organizations and stakeholders are realizing that the future of development must be regenerative and sustainable; a hand up.
So we have become consultants to organizations-

private, government and NGO- 
to introduce and incorporate our methodology into their existing programs.

Having already spent years in philanthropy, and having their own family foundation, Rita & Jeff Rayman knew that charitable handouts have proven to be mostly ineffective & unsustainable, and strip people of their independence & dignity.

“With The Guardian Project, we facilitate a lasting and regenerative change, in a way that we are almost invisible in the process, other than having seeded that change."

The Guardian Project

The Seeds Start Here

micro-finance initiative 

the currency is seeds

planted by individuals and groups 


The Guardian Project currently works with 12,000+ families, and continues to expand,

in Rwanda (23 cooperatives),

Northern Uganda (16 cooperatives),

Eastern D.R. Congo (16 cooperatives), 

Tanzania (5 communities)

​Kenya (2 communities)

as well as small initiatives in Togo and Bhutan.

We focus on women as they are the backbone of a healthy community. 
We concentrate on cooperatives bordering national parks, because a stable community does not poach the animals and trees within. 
Our presence in conflict-ridden areas supports farming as a successful alternative to picking up weapons and an opportunity to lay down weapons. 
Our presence in post-conflict areas helps communities re-build.

We emphasize regeneration, sustainability and scalability as key to success.