Project Collaborations

Co-Founders Of The Guardian Project 

Dr. Jane Goodall and The Guardian Project share the
One Community vision.

"Our community-centered conservation programs in Africa
empower local people to build sustainable livelihoods
while promoting regional conservation goals such as reforestation
and ending the illegal, commercial bushmeat trade....
to create stable communities which work with us
to protect and conserve the environment shared
by all Earth’s living creatures. "

-Dr. Jane Goodall

​​Parents of 4.

Grandparents of 5.

Rita is the daughter of refugee/immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Jeff was raised by a single mother. 

Both grew up in challenging circumstances in Canada, the land of opportunity.

Business success enabled the blessings of extensive global travel and Rita & Jeff quickly realized that the majority of the world's people live in poverty and insecurity, often in the interest of Western affluence and ease.
It seemed callous to continue traveling without doing something to change these circumstances in a sustainable and scalable way. 

​And so, in 2010, The Shit Starts Here, the first initiative of The Guardian Project,

the Rayman family foundation, was launched in Rwanda, to create opportunity.

"declining soil health – may be a little less immediately dramatic, but can be impactful and far-reaching. Over time the toll of erosion, pollution, losses in organic matter, and other soil impacts of the climate crisis imperil a very basic human need – to eat."​
-Kiss The Earth

​The Guardian Project

​facilitating sustainable, scalable community development

a conservation through permaculture initiative

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to facilitate scalable opportunity through direct, grass-roots interaction with local farmers living alongside protected wilderness spaces and the wildlife within - working with them in their journey to a healthy, self-sustainable independence and supportive co-existence with that wildlife nearby.

The Raymans want their legacy to be a more equitable, environmentally balanced world.

We have a simple motto:

co-operation + shared vision + strategy = success.

Farming depletes nutrients from the soil, reducing crop quantity and quality. 


​Feeding the soil organic, composted fertilizer increases crop quantity and quality. Guaranteed.

No admin costs and no overhead. 
So 100% of every donation goes directly to sourcing animals, crop seeds and trees. 
We are continually heartened by simple stories of real, sustainable change through hard work, determination, and so much joy. 
Stories of new found domestic peace and partnership,

and the pride of being able to “lift as you rise”  

Even the smallest change can create long-term thinking, unlocking human potential. 
Entrepreneurship. Community development. Dreaming. 
People changing their lives.

​Better healthcare, access to education, and home improvements, and micro-businesses opportunities, all generated by the community, not charitable handouts. 

12,000+ families in 5 countries

in just 10 years!